Class Memberships

Our Membership Options

 Our Membership Options

What you get:

We offer a wide variety of classes at ECF, guaranteeing there is something for everybody. A group class membership with us gives you access to HIIT, strength, conditioning, low-impact, and yoga classes. 

Monthly Group Class Memberships:

Kickstarter - $69

1x/week - 4 Classes Monthly

Fire - $109

2x/week - 8 Classes Monthly

Beastmode - $169

Unlimited Classes Monthly

ECF Private Client Unlimited Membership - $90

For those who train for a minimum of one 30-minute private session a week, get access to unlimited classes monthly! Available for purchase on our app.
BodybyErin copy

No long-term contracts are required! Purchase on the ECF App (on a monthly, as-needed basis).

Have fun with your workouts and Mix & Match any class type!

The classes we offer:

  • Body by Erin - Extend & Tone

    Tone your body, low impact mat class

  • HIIT 45

    High intensity interval training - Maxout Calorie Burn

  • Yoga

    VinYin & and Vinyasa Yoga, with a special touch of light massage and aromatherapy

  • Power 60

    Traditional strength class using racks and weights. The perfect mix of group class and personal training!

  • Total Body Conditioning

    High intensity class using more weights

  • Full Body Endurance Bootcamp

    Dynamic workout mixing HIIT, strength, endurance, and functional training. Designed by trainer Dylan, Army veteran

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