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Anyone Can Make You Sweat, We Can Make You Better

Erin Cantrell Fitness

Fitness Studio in Michigan

Fitness Studio  in Michigan

Erin Cantrell Fitness offers the perfect balance of fitness and nutrition. We offer personal training sessions, nutritional programs, and group fitness classes. With over fifteen years of experience, we cater to fitness enthusiasts in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We also conduct corporate fitness programs.

Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs

Erin Cantrell Fitness is led by Erin Cantrell and her team of certified personal trainers. Our fitness programs are designed for ordinary people who want to get in good shape and live a quality life. We guide you to find your inner and outer strength. We provide personal training and advice on nutrition and movement.


What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart
  • Mobile App for Booking
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • Variety of Private Training & Classes
  • State-of-the-art Equipment & Facilities
  • Certified Trainers & Instructors
  • Monthly InBody Scan
  • Welcoming Staff
  • Towel/Cold Towel Service

Erin Cantrell Fitness is a path where you find accountability and new limits, and that’s how individuals grow and become strong. We believe that fitness will help you find new limits and keep you accountable.

We also offer Virtual Personal Trainings and Personal Concierge Sessions!